Be Smart with Your Trading

Making the Right DecisionsWhen you are a smart trader, you are better able to identify profitable situation and pour your time and effort into those. The flipside of this is that you can identify situations where you are not as likely to make money and stay away from them. Both are equally important. One allows you to generate more money, the other allows you to not waste your resources on areas where you won’t make money, or worse, lose money.


Experience is one of the best ways to get this knowledge. And experience isn’t something that happens overnight, or even over the course of a few months. Experience takes a long time to get, and even then, experience does not equal success. However, it does give you an ability to better understand what’s going on. To gain success, you need to actually apply your experience and the insight that you’ve gained through it. When you do this, you are creating a situation where the hours that you’ve spent studying the markets will finally pay off for you.

Know What to Avoid

The more you trade, the more you need to pay attention to yourself. We all have weaknesses, and the more you are aware of your own, the better able you will become to adapt to them and avoid the situations where they will come into play. Some traders become upset if they take a big loss on a trade that they thought was a sure thing. This in itself is a weakness; emotions have no place in binary options. One easy way to overcome this is to trade with tiny amounts of cash until you can handle losses better.

But maybe you’re in a situation where it’s too late. You’ve been working your way up the ranks with your trades, and you just lost $1,000 on your very first five minute trade. You’re upset, and now you are chasing it with a $5,000 trade. This is not going to end well for you, even if you are correct on the second trade. Why? Because chasing a loss is never the right move. Ever. When you chase your losses, you are not making educated decisions and this increases the likelihood of an incorrect prediction. You might be right once or twice, but the more you do it, the more likely you are to be wrong. And if you keep going, you will end up losing every single penny you have. Don’t chase trades.

Instead, you need to look at the trade you got wrong, evaluate it, and keep going with your plan. If there was no reason why you should have been wrong other than a tough turn of the marketplace, then you have no need for adjustments. If you can identify a mistake here or there, then fix it and keep at it. If you determine that the strategy that you are using is not working, ditch it and find a new way to approach things. But reacting is not correct. Be smart and think things through. This way, you will be using information to your advantage and preparing yourself to make more money in the future rather than throwing that money toward the issue with hopes that it might fix something.


Part of smart trading is to grow as a trader. We trade to make money, and if you can find better opportunities, take them. These might be within the binary options industry, they might not be. That’s up to you to determine. But financial freedom should be your end goal, and achieving that will mean different things for different people. Keep growing as a trader and you will keep getting closer to that objective.