Easy Profits are Out There

A certain amount of binary options trades necessitate a considerable amount of time to research and analyze. Conversely, a great many potentially lucrative trade opportunities can be found that require only a minimal amount of effort. Being aware of the characteristics to watch for, and where to search for them, is essential to finding those exceptional trade opportunities. Keep an eye on these binary options specifics below and easy trades will reveal themselves.

On a daily basis, market news can point the way to possible upcoming trade opportunities. Key events, such as environmental catastrophes, are certain to affect the price of at least one, if not many, underlying assets. Obviously, such incidences do not happen on an every day basis, so lesser events will need to also be looked at. These too can often indicate binary options trade possibilities that call for very little analysis. (more…)

Are High Frequency Traders Hurting the Market?

High frequency trading has been in the news a lot over the last few years and it has gained a very negative reputation. The trend continues, though, because it is extremely lucrative. By decreasing exposure to the market, all while maximizing gains, is a very attractive choice. The problem is that the vast majority of traders, even most day traders, simply do not have the tools or the extra capital to make this worthwhile for them. In fact, the traders that are able to make the rapid fire trades that qualify as high frequency can have a negative impact upon the rest of those with a stake in that asset, and this is where the negative reputation stems from.

The stock market has been very volatile over the last couple weeks, and many experts believe that the issues have been made worse by high frequency traders. In a CNBC interview, Mark Cuban commented that these traders are able to use computer algorithms (more…)